We've got BIG NEWS!

You guys, guess what?!?! Wonder Lab is moving into a new permanent home!

Not to worry - you’ll still see us popping up around the community - but now we’ll also have our very own home studio space! We’re taking the month of May to prep for the Sweet William Market and to move into and spruce up our new space.

There’s more good news! You’re all invited to watch this sweet renovation/studio birthing process along side us, because seriously, who doesn’t love before/after pics?! Since we won’t be holding any workshops in May, we’ll share our studio birth pics!

Follow us on Instagram (wonderlab_studios) or by liking our Facebook page (wonderlab.studios) to make sure you get the details for our opening party and new workshop dates once they’re released. And as always, feel free to reach out if you’re interested in booking private parties or have other questions! Before pics coming SOON!



Becky & Amy