In the beginning…

Becky and Amy started out exploring acrylic pour painting in their basements. Rather than focusing on MASTERING the technique, they found themselves REMEMBERING how to play and have fun while creating. Over time, they invited friends and family to join them in their basement studios. Sharing this magical world with others brought light and energy to the two friends. The seed for Wonder Lab was planted.

Prior to their Wonder Lab adventure, Amy and Becky enjoyed satisfying careers in healthcare. While their focus is no longer in the therapeutic realm, they continue to apply their years of wellness training (over 40 combined!) to the way they approach art. From upcycling and repurposing items for their artwork to helping adults reconnect with their creative selves, they continue to promote wellness and see the potential for growth and beauty all around them.


Wonder Lab keeps growing…

Now Wonder Lab has grown into a local business that offers workshops in multiple creative endeavors, retail products and more. Driven by a strong desire to help others reconnect with their true, creative selves, Amy and Becky are always coming up with new workshops, new techniques, new artwork and new ways to connect with others.