Amy’s Story


I’ve always enjoyed making things with my hands. However, when it came to creating, or even scarier, “art”, I used to believe I could only follow instructions and complete kits. I drew a blank even when trying to doodle. I would marvel at friends who came up with their own ideas about what they would make. I loved going into art stores, craft stores, and yarn stores, because I could feel all of the potential. I yearned to have paint smeared on my clothes and hands, but felt stuck.

That all changed when my dear friend Becky introduced me to acrylic pour painting. Such freedom! You take a whole bunch of paint and dump it on a canvas! It’s making a mess with a beautiful purpose. I love experimenting with the colors, and watching what they do together. The process is so fun and the results are really cool!

As I played more and more with this process, I found my own creativity was unlocked. I began to come up with my own ideas of what I wanted to create, my own “I-wonder-if” ideas. I had so many ideas, I had to make lists! Creating has reached the level of importance of regular exercise and plenty of sleep. I need to be creating regularly to feel happy and healthy. When I have been making things, I am more joyful, relaxed, open, and confident. Sound good? Join me!!