Tues 11/5 12-3pm Open Studio

Tues 11/5 12-3pm Open Studio


Choose your own adventure and pour on canvases of different sizes, make jewelry, put finishing touches on previous pours, and more!  

What’s the vibe? We provide a relaxed, zero pressure environment so you can create at your own pace and budget. Workspaces are flexible so you can create solo or with a buddy.  You can pop in to create over your lunch hour or stay and play for hours.  

Who’s invited? Open studio is for pour painters of ALL LEVELS to drop in and create.  If you’ve taken a workshop with us in the past, you’ll be able to jump in and get going.  We love all things pouring and are happy to talk about our latest inspirations, projects and tips.  If you’ve never poured before or if you want someone to walk you through getting started the first time, we offer a 20 minute newbie orientation for an additional $10.  

How much does it cost? Pricing is a flat studio fee of $20 plus a per project materials fee.  You can create one small project, ten big ones, or whatever floats your boat.  Project materials fees start at $10 for small projects.

What can I make? A variety of pour painting projects are available!  You can pour on canvases in a variety of sizes, use skins to make poured art jewelry, pour on glass or ceramic or embellish previous works.

Can I bring in a project I’ve been working on at home? Yes! You’ll still pay a studio fee to reserve a workspace but then you’re welcome to use your own materials or pay to use our materials to continue creating! Materials fees are roughly calculated by size, reach out if you’d like an estimate of fees for a specific project ahead of time.

Sign up here to reserve your spot, project materials fees are paid at the studio. Ages 18+

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